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As one of the most important ranking factors, on-page SEO has to be done properly. However, it is crucial not to over-optimize content at the same time as this could have negative effects.

Every on-page optimization project starts with knowing your keywords. It is essential to make this first step right as on-page SEO is time consuming work and you want to be absolutely sure you are doing it on the right basis to minimize the final costs. If you need help with professional keyword research, please check our Gold Mine Keywords service.

On-page SEO is an art of balance – a website has to be optimized, but not over-optimized. It involves lots of testing to make things work just as they should. Your page should be clear what it’s about, but never ‘scream’ it.

This service includes optimization of all possible on-page SEO elements, from standard META Title and Description tags, to image optimization and deep linking. In total, we check and optimize more than 20 different on-page SEO elements which, when synchronized, work well and give the best possible information about your site to both, your visitors and search engines.

Our on-page SEO experts have multiple years of experience with on-page SEO in all kind of niches and with different types of sites and can help you with full service or just an advice.

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If you are not sure if your site is well optimized or not, you can do a preliminary check here. It’s completely free and as a result you will get well designed detailed report on your site’s current on-page SEO score for the keyword you are targeting.

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