What is this service for?

Why CLEAN BACKLINK profile is SO important?

Google announced new versions of Penguin update will be real-time. This means risk of getting penalized because of unnatural links will be present all the time, not only on the update rollout date.

However, with real-time processing, recovery time should be faster too. With earlier versions of Penguin update, sites were recovered with the next Penguin update rollout. With real-time algorithm you can get recovered as soon as you remove/disavow unnatural links pointing to your site and submit reconsideration request.

Conclusion: A business model relying on Google requires taking care of your backlinks in order to stay in business. Performing backlink audit and removing all links that could present a threat to your site is MANDATORY in order to remove risk of getting penalized or recover from a penalty.

How do I know that MY SITE has been PENALIZED?

You received a warning from Google regarding unnatural linking patterns

You experienced a sudden drop in rankings for part of all of your keywords

Your site disappeared from Google search results completely

Any Paid Links

Can be a bit tricky to identify, but Google has experience with this

Text advertisements

Text advertisements that pass PageRank

Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Articles, press releases or guest posts with keyword rich anchor texts

Link Exchanges

Directly asking other site owners to share your link

Forum posts

Forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature

Links from automation tools

Large scale links from similar site types, for example wiki sites, social bookmarking sites, low quality web directories, etc.

Links in footers

Widely distributed links in the footers or templates of various sites

Links in widgets

Keyword-rich, hidden links or low-quality links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites

There are several benefits of investing in professional link audit or Google penalty removal service instead of doing it yourself

It's Cheaper!

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To identify all links you will need numerous paid tools we already have – Majestic.com, Ahrefs.om, CognitiveSEO.com, MOZ Open Site Explorer, SEOProfiler, SEO PoweSuite, Google Webmaster Tools

It's Faster!

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Typical backlink cleaning projcet takes us few days of manual work, even with our years of experience in this field

It's Safer!

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We know which type of links aren’t safe and have to be removed

It's More Efficient!

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We know what links are good to keep and leave them benefiting your site

Well performed link detoxification process is complex, tedious and time demanding. If done improperly it will result with rejection from google and time to recovery will be significantly prolonged, which means significantly longer time without being profitable or significantly higher risk actually penalized (if you still aren’t penalized).

Contact Us

Send us your site URL and we will check your backlinking profile in details.

Analysis & Report

After an analysis we will send you a full detailed report of your backlinking site, and a non-obligatory quote for unnatural link removal and disavow list creation.

Free of charge

All this will be made free of charge for you and you can simply decide if you want to go with the project or not.

What will I get with this service?

You will get a full backlinking profile audit service together with cleaning of any unnatural links pointing to your site by removing them or disavowing them. If your site has been penalized already, you will get a guaranteed penalty removal for your site too.

1. Link Identification

We will identify links pointing to your site using at least 7 best performing professional backlink analyzing services: Majestic.com, Ahrefs.com, CognitiveSEO.com, MOZ Open Site Explorer, SEOProfiler, SEO PowerSuite, Google Webmaster Tools. Result: One .txt file

2. Live Links Check

We will check all identified sites in order to identify if links to your site are still active. All possible site error codes will be checked, sites that are just temporary unavailable will be rescaned few times.

3. List Processing

We will manually check every live link pointing to your site in order to classify it as natural or unnatural. Both lists, of natural and unnatural links, will be created and attached to final reconsideration request in order to prove Google we did our best to recover a site.

4. Contacting Site Owners For Removal

We will find contact info for all sites with your links classified as unnatural and contact site owners in order to ask for link removal. We will contact them a few times if they don’t respond, and attach screenshots to reconsideration request.

5. Disavow File Submission

We will classify all successfully removed links as removed and create disavow list for links that couldn’t be removed.Both list will be submitted as a part of reconsideration request letter in order to prove Google we made efforts with link removal before just disavowing them.

6. Reconsideration Request

Finally, we will submit uniquely written reconsideration request letter to Google in order to get your site recovered from penalty. Now just wait!

Automated tools are not enough to remove toxic links

Be careful, link audit can not be done automatically with any of tools. Tools can help, but can’t do the job done. Even the most authoritative tools in the area of backlink audit (Cognitive SEO for example) only help with link identification, while decision about link toxicity will always be only possible by human check. By not performing detailed check and not including all the unnatural links with your reconsideration request, you only waste your time and money. Remember, each time your request gets rejected, time for next reconsideration request processing prolonges.

Be patient and don't give up!

After submitting the reconsideration request, some time is needed to Google to process the request (usually between a week and few weeks).

Usually our requests are accepted after first submission. In case a request is rejected for any of reasons, we will make another reconsideration request, as long as your site will be fully recovered.

We have experience!

With hundreds of recovered sites behind us, we know how and what to do in order to get your site back in the game again. It takes time, resources and money to gain this experience, so it is usually a good decision to entrust penalty recovery project to professionals. Considering the amount of time needed to do the analysis right, and investment in tools needed to cover all the backlinks, our service is often also the cheapest option.

We have the motivation!

We are a team of SEO professionals, most of us with more than 6 years of experience. We love what we do. Recovering from Google penalty is not an easy job to do. It takes time to analyze all the backlinks and crucial parts of each recovery project is manual. However, tedious work to you is a challenge for us, as SEO and search engine marketing is our life!

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The quote is usually ready in 24 hours.