Let’s start with a personal confession – I have at least 4 different Twitter accounts created in last few years and none of them is active. Every time I tried to get used to it, it just happened that 140 character long tweets didn’t fit in my concept of getting social. Well, it appeared I was the one that didn’t fit in Twitter’s concept of being social. Long story short, I have a 5th account now and I intend to keep this one.

What I’m trying to say is the fact you are a late bird in the Twitter’s nest doesn’t mean that you are late for the party too. In fact, even as an active Twitter user for just one month, I realized that giving a bit more time and energy in adopting the ‘140 character’ language is more than worth the trouble. If you are in search for platform that will help you with your marketing activities, using Twitter in the right way is a skill you shouldn’t miss. And to celebrate my one-month relationship anniversary, here is the list of 5 awesome things Twitter will do for you if you treat it well.

1. It will help you evaluate your ideas.

After my first 100 followers, which I consider as a critical mass to start getting a minimal feedback, I noticed that Twitter can be used efficiently as an idea testing machine. The 140 characters limitation forces you to summarize your thoughts as much as possible and at the same time guarantee attention of your followers. What I do is tweet short ideas that pop up in my head during the day and monitor reactions. If they drive significant number of likes, retweets or even new followers, the idea could be worth of working on it, either writing a blog post about it, creating a video or something else. Having a possibility to get feedback on something that is just in your head in few minutes from real people in your niche or from your target audience is in my opinion one of the most valuable features Twitter offers. It’s just like having great minds in your field of interest all the time with you and willing to give opinion on anything you think of.

2. It will make you generate new ideas.

No one is an island and if you want to stay in the game, you have to listen and watch what other people are working on, what they challenges are and what they think about. To do this there are many possible ways, but Twitter has become one of my favourites in very short time. There is simply no other place where ideas flow so fast. This has its drawbacks too – it’s easy to get lost in such a huge amount of information. My suggestion is to give yourself some time to just watch what people are talking about, monitor tweets on hashtags of interest and after some time you will find a way to filter information that is really valuable. Don’t expect revolution on the first day, give your brain some time to learn how to deal with the information flow.

Genesis Of A Tweet

3. It will help you expand your reach and build brand.

Consider this as playing a computer game. You start as a character with low skills, incognito person that no one knows about, like other people’s tweets or retweet them. Your authority is low and no one actually cares about what you have to say. But with time you build relationship with people you are following, you start writing meaningful tweets, sharing your content, thoughts, commenting other people’s ideas and out from nothing, you start getting more and more recognized. Suddenly, you are not no one any more. You get more attention, people are actually reading your tweets and they are engaging. You are now getting followed by the same people you used to follow because you considered them experts. It’s a good feeling that these people want to hear what you have to say too. You build your personal brand through reaching the right people and building relationship with them. I started by following influencers in my niche, reading their content and listening to what they have to say. My goal is to become one of these influencers and I feel I am on the right track. It’s just like a game, but you are getting points in real life.

4. It will help you keep yourself motivated.

Being motivated all the time is not easy, no matter what you do. With all the distractions around us it’s easy to lose focus and your productivity starts suffering. While it’s okay and healthy to distract your brain from time to time with stuff not related to the projects you are working on, you don’t want this to happen all the time. Being surrounded by hundreds (or thousands) of people with same interests as yours and following their thoughts, ideas and achievements makes staying motivated much easier. It’s just like good old ‘dog and rabbit’ analogy – the dog will usually run faster if he is chasing a rabbit. My method is following people that are my rabbits – that are faster than me and who make me try harder.

5. It will boost your self-esteem.

Don’t get fooled by perfect images of the super successful people you follow in your niche. After all, they are only people too. Bad days happen to them too, but they make sure you mostly see the good ones. What’s important is that once you get your first small base of Twitter followers, they will give you feedback, and sometimes a good word or two is just what you need to get your motivation to move on to the new victories. I found out that Twitter is perfect for that – in a very short time you can share some of your ideas, thoughts or just retweet some interesting stuff to your followers and most likely some of your followers will either like or retweet you. As a bonus, sometimes this will get you few new followers too. At times when you doubt your decisions, this can be a great trick to get a positive confirmation from people relevant to your niche. Personally my day is always better when an expert and influencer in my niche starts following me. It’s good to know that someone thinks my ideas are worth of reading, especially at moments when I personally don’t feel that way.

Twitter Content Marketing hacks

Twitter Content Marketing hacks

Although Twitter is with us for some time already, I am sure there is still many of you that are either not using it, or not using it in the right way to get the most of it. My short experience with it changed my thought processing methods and it definitely changed ways to get connected with the right people, which is essential for successful content marketing. Most of people agree that doing what you have passion about is a guarantee for success, I would just like to add that it’s even better if you manage to reach the right audience with your ideas too. Twitter, although a daily routine for years for many of you already, is a new discovery for me and I am not ashamed to admit it. It’s never too late to start with something if you decide to do it.

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